It Was One Way to Waste $4..


Toss N’ Tug

Big dogs, little dogs, chubby dogs, skinny dogs – ALL dogs love tug of war! With Protocol’s Toss N’ Tug it’s easy for dogs to enjoy the exhilarating exercise and tail-wagging fun for their favorite game. Dog owners will appreciate the soft, padded foam grip and durable nylon construction of the toy. Tossing the tennis ball attached to the rope’s end initiates a game of fetch, and reeling the ball in on the colorful, bone-shaped comfort foam grip starts the tug of war. Its rugged nylon rope ensures that Protocol’s Toss N’ Tug is one 2-in-1 toy strong enough to survive battles with even the strongest of dogs!

It seemed like a good idea when I saw it at Big Lots yesterday. It had a tag on the back that said “$3.99”, and I thought “Wow, this seems like a good plan!” so I bought it. We gave it to Crash, and he said “Wow! I wonder how long this will last!” – so did I, although our estimate was definitely too long with this one. It was destroyed completely in about 2 hours. He started by ripping the rope from the bone, although I’m not sure if the knot came loose or if he ripped the handle and it fell off. That was OK. Then we started ripping the bone part to pieces, leaving a layer of fluff in the room as it all fell out. Again, slightly annoying but still, OK, he has the ball on a rope, right? That one didn’t last long before it was in pieces on the floor too! So in the space of an evening (he got it at about 6-7pm, and it was all cleaned up and gone by 9:30pm), he completely destroyed a toy that is “strong enough to survive battles with even the strongest of dogs!”

So long, $4, may you rest in peace.

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