Photo Friday: Wildlife [in Public Places]

These are a pair of photos taken in none-other than the capital of the nation – Washington D.C.

Both taken in/around the national mall, in fact.

It was on one of my early trips to DC that we visited the mall, and I was intrigued by the wildlife present in the city.

Coming from Wellington I was used to birds, but not so much other ground creatures. Maybe I just didn’t notice (and no, pigeons on the ground don’t count).


1 thought on “Photo Friday: Wildlife [in Public Places]

  1. I suspect these photos were taken on the trip we made with you to D.C. I remember seeing similar wildlife. You said you were used to birds in Wellington, but don’t remember seeing other ground creatures. Pigeons don’t count?? Of course not silly……..they come into the bird category!!
    I must admit…………..having lived in Wellington area even longer than you had, I don’t remember seeing anything more than birds either.

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