12:46am, Thursday January 3, 2013.

That’s going to be weird, 2013. It’ll take another month, and then it will feel normal, but until then, it will be hard not to just type or write 2012. One of many changes this week.

I also have another eight hours before I will allow myself to sleep. My work project this week is to move my sleep schedule so that I can work 3am-11am, Saturday through Wednesday for the next two months. I have 3 Red Bulls remaining, and 7-11 is a short drive away should I need anything that isn’t already in the house.

Not so much an adjustment, but a change nonetheless, I managed to successfully change the oil in my new car for the first time today. It was a few hundred miles overdue, but after much wriggling under the vehicle I finally emerged victorious. I must say, Honda did make it very difficult to get to the filter in that model – it was a perfectly reasonable and logical place on the engine and then they put all the front-wheel-drive junk in the way. So it’s impossible to reach from the top, and almost impossible to reach from the bottom.

My only problem now is what I’m going to do for the rest of the night. I don’t trust myself driving very far (and Kelly wouldn’t approve even if I did), but I need to do something or I’ll put myself to sleep out of boredom. Oh well, I suppose that is my problem to solve. Maybe I’ll make Infinitely-aLive properly IPv6 supported, or something.

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