I Have Come to the Realization..

USCIS CSR’s are deaf.

Kelly, my wife, spent about half an hour on the phone with an idiot at USCIS the other day to firstly enquire about my status, and secondly to change the address associated with our cases. This was done for 1 reason – she has an accent. Last time I called I spoke with a woman with a Southern Accent and at times it was difficult to understand her, and I feel like a ditz asking people to repeat things 7 times. Kelly doesn’t have the same problem, because she understands the accent more readily than I.

Anyway, we received a piece of mail today, addressed to me (with a minor name mispelling). It announced that on the correct date, “Holly” had called and done all the stuff.

It also has my A number listed incorrectly (one digit off), fortunately the case number was correct.

I am beginning to seriously wonder whether we can trust anything that USCIS tells us at all.