Something Wrong With This Picture?

I bought a car this week. Kelly and I now have two cars (ironically, the car I’m driving is in Kelly’s name and the car she is driving is in my name..). They are practically exactly the same, though I’ll post more about that probably next week after I take some more photos. But because there are certain things I like to have in my car, I have been wandering the aisles of the auto sections of stores grabbing the couple of things I really really like to have. While I was there, I noticed ‘racing pedals’ to replace (or cover) the ones that came with the car. Fair enough. What I don’t get is the idea of racing pedals for automatic transmissions:

This may just be my full-of-crap opinion, but I don’t think that using an automatic transmission to race should count at all, and to that end I think that racing pedals for automatic transmissions are off the horrible end of cheesy when it comes to mostly pointless car ‘upgrades.’

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