Spawning in the Game

Someone should write a song entitled “Spawning in the Game” to the tune of “Singing in the Rain.” Maybe it’s too cheesy? Maybe not.

I’ve been playing BF2 for a couple of days now, since re-discovering the game (I was bored with Command and Conquer with myself, wanted to find some new people to socialize with online). I’ve mostly been playing with the guys at ISI, the Iron Sharpens Iron Christian Clan.

I’m still looking for people to LAN with, and possibly some games to buy when funds become available for such, so if you’re a PC gamer who plays BF1942, BF:V, BF2, and live in the Augusta/Rockingham/Shenandoah county areas of Virginia (or know someone who does!), maybe you should drop me a comment!

My Brute

I’ve been playing a game, as much as one can play a game that plays itself..

My Brute is a game where you choose an opponent and watch the fight. As you progress through levels you gain randomly assigned weapons or abilities which help you to beat your opponents.

You fight up to 3 fights per day, and gain 2 experience points for a win, and 1 experience points for a loss. If you fight someone in a lower level you may only gain 1 point for a win, I haven’t won against anyone of a higher level as yet (if it is possible).

So click the link, join my dojo and start fighting too!