Infinitely-aLive Project has Returned

After a long downtime, the Infinitely-aLive project has returned in a once-again reincarnated form. This time we are back as a small web-host, providing basic shell accounts and http hosting.

Because we are small (we have capacity for 20 clients max at this point) we can provide a more dedicated service, tailoring solutions for your individual needs.

At this stage we have no vHosts available for use as BNC hosts, so any eggdrop or BNC’s hosted will all appear to come from an IP address – this is also why our prices are so low. If you just want an eggdrop or a bouncer without the frills, I-aL is the place for you.

In the near future we hope to have an online-ordering system, and we’re still working through the finer details of how this will work out in reality. We’re also finalizing our prices for each package, although it will likely be $1/process (BNC = 1 process, eggdrop = 1 process, services = 1 process) with allowances granted based on a pre-agreed monthly charge, and IRCd or VoIP services being considered as 2 or more processes.

Watch this space!