I know I don’t read very often, but I just finished a book (in the space of about a week). 2 years ago I attended Parachute ’08 in New Zealand, where I bought a number of books that have left my bookshelf for the purpose of packing them in boxes, whereupon they leave again only to be replaced on the bookshelf.

Looking for something non-computery to do a if bored at camp a week ago I nabbed one off the shelf and thought I’d give it a read. Tonight I finished it, all 20 chapters plus Epilogue.

I must say, I quite enjoyed Frank Peretti’s “Monster.” While I haven’t searched to see what anyone else thought, I figured I would give my take. It is somewhat crime-scene/mystery oriented, getting small pieces of information at a time with enough twists to keep me reading but not so many as to get me so confused I give up.

Without giving too much away the story revolves around two couples, Reed and Beck Shelton, and Michael (Cap) and Sing Capella, who had planned a weekend together in the woods with a friend of theirs. Beck and Reed arrive on the first night, intending to meet their friend Randy at a cabin, Cap and Sing were to meet them the next day for their activities and the rest of the get-away. However, after arriving Beck and Reed find Randy dead and the cabin ruined, and while they sleep they are awoken by loud cries and rustling in the forest. They run away in fear for their lives, but Beck is kidnapped by a monster.

The remaining 19 chapters follow several subplots while searchers and hunters look for the “Bear” that has killed Beck, Cap’s search through his old Biology department for answers and several fatalities particularly near the end.

For those who like fiction involving mild mystery, evolution (particularly the creationist-vs debate) or investigation in general, I would suggest this may be a good book. I take no responsibility if you decide you hated it though, just because I liked it doesn’t guarantee anyone else will 😉