Angus Burger

So the other day I was in need of dinner, and nothing at home seemed appealing. I had to decide between stopping at KFC to try the grilled chicken, or McDonald’s to try the new Angus Burgers. By the title of the post, you can probably guess that I went to McD’s.

So, simple review. Of the three burgers on offer, the bacon one is the only one that I stood any chance of liking at all. In the bacon one were a pile of red onions, which I got Kelly to take out, and she ate them (I was driving at the time). It’s bigger around than most McDonald’s burgers, it may stack up size-wise with the Big Mac (given that the Big Mac is stacked). In short, the Bacon and Beef Angus Burger at McDonald’s is awesome. I can hardly wait to try another one. Although it will probably be after I try the grilled chicken at KFC 😉

Why We Suck – An Incomplete Review

This evening I went to work with Kelly to keep her company in hell. Not that making coffee for stupid people in a corporately-run bookstore is bad, she just doesn’t do well working alone with no outside communication for long periods. It is her personal hell.

While I was there I picked out 3 books to read. C++ For Dummies (considering learning a new language), Eminem’s recent book “The Way I Am,” in which he tells of events passed, and Dr. Denis Leary’s “Why We Suck.”

I was intrigued after seeing Dr. Leary on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (and especially the discussion regarding Autism), and it was a must-read. It is a 240 page rand on the U.S., and Why We Suck. From the Lewinsky scandal to Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunction. From parenting to drugs. Nothing is immune from his assault on stupidity.

In the course of the evening I have realised several things. Joel Osteen had good reason to fly business class. As Eminem points out, famous people flying coach don’t get any freedom to sleep or relax at all. Learning C/C++/Anything will be an interesting adventure after PHP. And I definitely enjoy semi-satirical rants. This week I stumbled upon Violent Acre‘s rant on fear mongering among children. After reading several other articles I’ve decided to begin following the site.

In other news, I’ve begun planning my next web-project. Amazon meets eBay meets Cafepress meets WordPress. At this point it is in database and general design phase, but will hopefully take shape over the next month or so. I’ve also been working on UCCN trying to get more web-integration happening and progress is slowly being made.

Lastly, my desktop PC started making loud noises, again. I just hope I can rescue data from the hard disk, which I’m strongly suspecting is the noise-maker…