This will be short, I’m on a computer where the s key, and the d key are both not working at all (cut and paste ftw..).

I’m at the beach this week, and so far I’m having a great time. I’m with cool people and doing cool things, but I have this overwhelming feeling that I’m tolerated a lot more than I’m liked.

It’s not a fun feeling at all. I have it far too much. With friends, with family, it’s like I’m in the third tier of friends people will hang out with. That is to say, if their tier 1 friends are there, they get all or most of the attention. Otherwise, it falls to the tier 2 friend, and failing that, well, there are those guys we spend the rest of our time tolerating. Guess they’re good for something after all, right?

I’m well aware that I’m somewhat paranoid, and that alot of the time this feeling is completely unwarranted. This time Kelly says she is feeling it too. Not cool.

It’s still an awesome week, hopefully it stays that way!


Yesterday was a long day.

It involved a 1.5 hour interview for a summer job and around 8 hours of birthday party, both back to back (seperated only by the half hour drive from the camp back to the house).

Kelly was particularly stressed as she’d expected at least a one hour gap between our return at around 4:30 and when people started arriving, and the first people arrived at about 4:35.

The fire was fueled further by the fact that among the first people were two rather unusual characters who didn’t fit in with our group very well but managed to set the tone and mood for most of the evening. Several people had their parts to play in them being allowed to ‘crash’ the party, me included, but I don’t think any one person can (or should) take the full responsibility for it.

Those two aside it was an awesome time with everyone together and hanging out. Crash and Bella had a great time playing, Crash ate a whole lot of hot dogs and demonstrated that he really can lay down on command … if you have food.

The mood of the party finally changed at around 9 when the weird people were taken home (at their request, I believe), and we were all able to relax again. Ethan helped me out getting the fire started, which was still going strong at midnight, and about 2am when I went to check on it before sleeping it was still rather emberous. I doused it with several large cups of water, and it looked like it was almost completely out, but when I took Crash out to pee this morning (wow, I didn’t remember that part..) there was a lot more ash than wood left and it had done what I wanted it to do – burnt itself out.

So now it is 12:00pm. I’m laying in bed with a massive headache, if it’s from lack of sleep catching up or too much sleep while trying to catch up, I don’t know. Crash has been amazing despite being in his crate since about 8 or 9 when I refilled both sides of his food bowl (it’s one of those double-bowled bowl things) with water. I really need to get up and let him out, we’ll probably play outside for a bit but that will last entirely based on how I feel. So far the prospects aren’t looking too good.