It’s 9 O’clock On a..Friday

Friday, May 15th, 2009.

Today I turn 23. Or 5 (for my secondary age). As usual, nothing feels any different. The allergy-lump in my throat is still making breathing feel weird, and it is still not great weather outside.

There are no special plans for today, though I’ll mow if weather permits and I’m continuing to work on a computer for someone. It’s finishing off Windows Updates and then I’ll be doing software installation and restoring her files to it.

Nothing particularly interesting in the comic frontier either. Today’s XKCD was unusual, and the Garfield-minus-garfield was just like several others.

I sent a facebook message to the people I know who own Wii consoles asking if one of them might bring theirs tonight, since the weather isn’t looking that great. I’m excited to see Kelly’s Dad play, I hear he’s not a fan of video games because he believes we aren’t really in control, we have the illusion that we are in control and we believe it. Wii makes it a little more difficult to continue that belief, and you have a great time killing bunnies in the process..

This window has now sat up for 20 minutes waiting for additions which have not come. So I shall post this as it is, and update it later if I so feel the need. It is, after all, my birthday 😉


Yesterday was a long day.

It involved a 1.5 hour interview for a summer job and around 8 hours of birthday party, both back to back (seperated only by the half hour drive from the camp back to the house).

Kelly was particularly stressed as she’d expected at least a one hour gap between our return at around 4:30 and when people started arriving, and the first people arrived at about 4:35.

The fire was fueled further by the fact that among the first people were two rather unusual characters who didn’t fit in with our group very well but managed to set the tone and mood for most of the evening. Several people had their parts to play in them being allowed to ‘crash’ the party, me included, but I don’t think any one person can (or should) take the full responsibility for it.

Those two aside it was an awesome time with everyone together and hanging out. Crash and Bella had a great time playing, Crash ate a whole lot of hot dogs and demonstrated that he really can lay down on command … if you have food.

The mood of the party finally changed at around 9 when the weird people were taken home (at their request, I believe), and we were all able to relax again. Ethan helped me out getting the fire started, which was still going strong at midnight, and about 2am when I went to check on it before sleeping it was still rather emberous. I doused it with several large cups of water, and it looked like it was almost completely out, but when I took Crash out to pee this morning (wow, I didn’t remember that part..) there was a lot more ash than wood left and it had done what I wanted it to do – burnt itself out.

So now it is 12:00pm. I’m laying in bed with a massive headache, if it’s from lack of sleep catching up or too much sleep while trying to catch up, I don’t know. Crash has been amazing despite being in his crate since about 8 or 9 when I refilled both sides of his food bowl (it’s one of those double-bowled bowl things) with water. I really need to get up and let him out, we’ll probably play outside for a bit but that will last entirely based on how I feel. So far the prospects aren’t looking too good.


Alot of people don’t seem to consider the following, particularly females when begging their boyfriends to propose.

Marriage doesn’t really change anything.

Marriage is a lot like turning 18 or 21, or any other age really. All that really changes are a) your religious standing as far as having sex, and b) your legal rights as a married person.

You’ll have a big lead up to the wedding, and the wedding and reception will be as big or as small as you want it to be, much like a 21st birthday party.

You’ll go to bed that night (possibly doing something you’ve never done before), and you’ll wake up the next day and feel as though nothing has changed.

I know of a few people getting married soon, and Kelly was asking for advice to give to the bride at the showers she’ll be at. This is the biggest piece of advice I could offer to anyone obsessed with getting married to their significant other (whether they’ll admit their obsession or not).

It. Doesn’t. Change. Your. Relationship.


If the relationship changes, either you or your partner changed. Which shouldn’t happen. It’s that simple.

In Keeping With Regularity

This is another boring post. Just for your warning.

Today my 3com cards arrived. These are two identical network cards (linux compatible) that I will be putting in my new Compaq that should arrive Friday.

“Ah, my birthday. Normally I’d put on a festive hat and celebrate the fact that the Earth has circled the Sun one more time; I really didn’t think it was going to make it this year, but darn it if it wasn’t the little planet that could all over again.” — Gregory House M.D.

No, it’s not my birthday, just working on the first two seasons of House, currently on season 1, episode 7. Last episode was House’s birthday, and had several amusing quotes – only that one related to his birthday.

“Turns out your best judgement isn’t good enough. Next time, use mine.”

“He’s really talking to a patient?” “I don’t know who I am anymore..”

“Clearly you’re not interested!” “Oh, I’m interested, I’m interested in how voices in the head are affected by mal-position of the uterus.”