Worst Troll Ever

Just had a troll join IRC, and it was a pretty lame attempt. Enjoy.

* tasha (~ron@uccn-35F4B3FE.pools.spcsdns.net) has joined #FaithFellowshipNFun
<tasha> hello the fellowship
<Aspros_Tigris> howdy tasha
<tasha> i want my own biblebot
<tasha> the spirit of the lord flows all through my body like psychokinetic impulses
* WoIfStar yawns
<tasha> right
<tasha> jenjen are you the same jenjen i just saw over on sexnet?
<tasha> same ip and everything
<zEkE|work> heh.
<zEkE|work> are you here to troll, or are you going to play nice?
<tasha> no not here to troll
<tasha> well yeah i am, but it’s not very fun here i guess, nobody plays along
* tasha (~ron@uccn-35F4B3FE.pools.spcsdns.net) has left #FaithFellowshipNFun


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