Sherlock Season 2, Ep 1.

My rambling notes from watching the episode. Some guy giving an introduction to Sherlock’s use of technology.

Lots of ideas for cases, all being rejected.

Our phone rang. Mother in law got up to get it.

Something about a plane. Sherlock in newspapers about being a “net phenomenon.”

Questions in the room about whether in the show’s universe, if Sherlock Holmes existed or if this is the first one.

An interesting case has come up. Broken down car. Backfiring when dude tries to start it. There’s a river of some kind. Relevant?

OMG A BODY OMG OMG OMG. “Are you alright?” No, I think he’s dead.

Cops are there, told to listen to Sherlock. John is there, video calls Mr. Holmes. Watson and Holmes argue for a while.

Holmes shows off to the police detective, talking about why it’s not the guy who reported it.

Helicopter arrives for Watson, some guys show up for Sherlock, who analyzes them immediately. They are taken to visit someone at Buckingham Palace, Sherlock in his bathrobe. They laugh while waiting to find out who they’re meeting. Mycroft tells them off for not being serious enough. They find out they have been hired by someone anonymous. Sherlock complains he doesn’t do anonymous.

Sherlock has clothes on. The watching room starts talking about some Harry Potter game on Facebook, or something. No idea what the conversation was about, I couldn’t hear it. Mother in law has returned, drama at church, apparently.

Mycroft is giving some narrative about a dominatrix. Sherlock reviews stuff and asks questions. They are answered vaguely. More Harry Potter references aimed at the screen. Guys, you’re making it hard to follow when I can’t hear the TV.. “L8rz!”

Watson sitting. Clothes flying. No idea what Sherlock is doing. Intercut with shots of…who I assume is the dominatrix referenced before. Now the pair are fighting in the street. No idea why. Something about calling someone to call the police. Some ruse revealed, I don’t get what. See how hard it is to follow a show when you can’t hear what’s going on? Dominatrix showed up naked at some point. Now she’s sitting in a chair. Sherlock analyzes evidence about John’s person. She’s asking questions about the situation. John asks her to put clothes on.

Something about photos, policemen, the dude at the beginning. Sherlock wants to know how she knows about it. She mentions she knows police people. Sherlock sends out Watson and he commences talking to the Dominatrix about stuff the death of the guy. He’s found where the photos are, men with guns. Talk about opening the safe where the photos are believed to be. Shooting John for the code? A puzzle! He shoots, he scores! Wait, that’s a gun! Fighting. Woo. Dead people. What was the code?

“We should call the police.” “Yes, we should.” *Sherlock shoots in the air* A phone with photos. Talk about whether the photos are duplicated. Fighting between her and Sherlock. My nose is bleeding, awesome. He’s out, she’s leaving with the phone. Ohs Noes. John shows up and starts asking questions. The code was her measurements.

She’s at the scene of the crime? Figuring out what happened. A boomerang was involved? Sherlock is in a bed. Confusion – how did I get here? Where did she go? Back to bed. Sleep, Sherlock, sleep.

Awake again. Receiving messages.

Talking to Mycroft about the Dominatrix and her intentions with the photos. We’re talking about the ability of his phone to make beep noises. John asks about the text alert noise (a woman sighing, presumably with pleasure..) Sherlock realizes there is more to the story. Mycroft tells him to stay out of it. Mycroft says he must leave. Sherlock plays “God Save The Queen” on a violin as his brother departs.

Christmas party. Sherlock flubs over the name of John’s girlfriend. Ranting about some woman’s gift for what is clearly her long term boyfriend – Oh No! It’s for Him! Sherlock’s phone goes… Aaaaawkward! Sherlock exits to open his gift. What is it? Sherlock calls Mycroft about Irene (the Dominatrix) – she’ll be found dead. And she is. Talk in the room about words with friends, and who is winning.

Sherlock is offered a cigarette. He asks if it isn’t against “one of those… law…things?” Mycroft reminds him he’s in a morgue, and how much damage could really be done (or not..) Asking about caring and stuff. “Merry Christmas, Mycroft.” “And a happy new year.”

Sherlock composing on a violin. Sounds alright. Something about John’s blog, and the visit count. Is that the lock code to the phone? Nope. Never mind. John exits. Woman outside, engages him in conversation. Mycroft has a need for him, apparently. He leaves in a car. They are in some kind of warehouse? “Why can’t we just meet in a cafe?” Wait! It’s not Mycroft! Whoever could it be? It’s miss Adler! Wait, wasn’t she dead? Oh, Mr. Moffat, you sly beast. Talk about how she’s not dead. She should tell him, John says. He won’t help her, he says. Sherlock doesn’t respond to her text messages. That’s weird, apparently.

Sherlock enters his home, apparently has been broken into. The landlady taken forcefully. Or not, she’s sitting in a chair with a gun to her head. Sherlock tells her to stop sniveling – it won’t help against a bullet. The guys with guns before want something. Patting down Sherlock to prove he’s unarmed. Sherlock beats down. John comes in, Sherlock is “restoring balance to the universe.” Sherlock calls police to tell them of the break in. Says the burglar fell out a window. The burglar falls out the window. Talk in the room about how awesome Mrs. Hudson is. The phone is recovered! Awesome, I hadn’t realized it was missing. Talk about Irene being alive. How does Sherlock feel? A bell chimes. Happy new year. Sherlock plays Auld Lang Syne on the violin.

In a lab, Sherlock X-rays the phone. Talk with the lab woman. Crash needs to go potty, apparently. Mom is going to take him, she’s seen this alre…wait. Nothing. Irene talking to Sherlock. More talk about the phone. What’s on it, why, etc. A duplicate phone, a ruse to get the number. Oh no, it wasn’t the right number! Whatever could the code be. John’s middle name is Hamish. Holmes figuring out a code. Some plane leaving the next day for Baltimore. Now showing off how that is. Asks John to confirm. Something is right, something is wrong. Flight 007 doesn’t fit in. Moriarty?

Moriarty rasberries Big Ben. Myrcroft puts his head in his hands. Bond Air is go. Sherlock picks violin and talks to Irene about Coventry. Talk about sex without saying it. Sherlock misses the references. The dude who picked him up to go to the palace arrives again with an envelope. They depart in a car. The plane is going to blow up, Coventry all over again. Sherlock boards the plane. Darkness, dead people? Mycroft arrives, this is the Coventry solution, apparently. Plane blows up, nobody dies. A late joke. The plane won’t fly, the terrorists know. Mycroft accuses Sherlock of blowing the operation. Irene arrives. She wants to talk to Mycroft about all the stuff she has on her phone. She was the leak, via Sherlock!

Talking about getting the phone, and the data on it. Irene makes demands, and requests for protection. Moriarty is involved, he’s apparently been helping her. Sherlock objects. Blah blah blah sentiment blah blah losing side blah blah. Talk about love. “You think I wanted you?” She loses the game! “I am [SHER] locked” She is to be set free, to the wild. She is expected to beg for protection.

John and Mycroft talk in a cafe about Irene being either in America, or having been beheaded. They discus what to tell Sherlock. John enters Sherlock’s lab, informs him she is in America in a witness protection scheme, will never be heard from again. Sherlock wants the phone. It’s been wiped. Sherlock wants the phone. It has to be taken back to Mycroft. Sherlock wants the phone. It’s the governments. Too bad, Sherlock wants the phone. Scanning messages. Last one: Goodbye Mr. Holmes.

Scenes of her final message being sent from Karachi, before her beheading. A sigh – she looks up. Sherlock: “When I say run, run.”

Sherlock files the phone in the drawer.

The end.


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