Over the last month I’ve been going through the job application process with CustomInk, a T-shirt printing company based in McLean, VA. The job was perfect! It was a blend of Helpdesk, Desktop Support, and a small amount of Systems Administration. It was a small package of Active Directory support and troubleshooting which I knew, and some commercial printer support and other things which I didn’t. It seemed a great opportunity to learn and grow, but it wasn’t to be. After a month of emails and interviews they finally rejected me yesterday.

And so the search continues. I’m looking in the Harrisonburg and Charlottesville areas (one to apply for in Crozet, and I keep looking all over) for Helpdesk and other entry-level IT jobs. For the right job and money I might be able to persuade Kelly to try Northern Virginia or Richmond but it’ll be a stretch. If anyone is looking or interested, my resume is up here. I have a few plans for self-improvement, with plans to learn more about Active Directory, VMWare (ESXi), and a few other Linux distributions that I haven’t spent a lot of time on. All, for me, is not lost.

That said, Kelly is also looking for a new job. While I’m unhappy with the pay and the career options that my job provides, she seems genuinely unhappy with both of those as well as her job itself. She’s also much less specific in what she’s looking for, having put in applications to be a children’s specialist at a library, an editor for a college department, and all kinds of things. If you see something that you think she might have an interest in, or you want to know what you should be looking out for, hit her up on Facebook (I’m assuming you know her already) and let her know.

Please don’t hate on CustomInk too badly! They seem like a great company with a lot going for them, and I’ll be more than happy to apply with them again in the future. I asked them if they could provide feedback on my application to see if there is anything I could improve on (things to learn, skills to improve, etc). I’m not expecting a reply, but I’m hoping.

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