I Am Amused.

I don’t know why, I found this in the logs from while I was sleeping last night, and I found it amusing. Not hilarious, but enough to warrant a large smile.

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[06:16:42] <Guest> hi
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[06:18:22] <Guest> anyone can they tell me how the bible is proven to not be another story like media
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[06:20:22] <Guest> hi psychosis
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[06:21:49] <Guest> Anyone talk here
[06:33:40] <Guest> hey
[06:34:07] <Guest> satin has been created by the jews
[06:34:43] <Guest> jesus was a story created by the romans. The vatican must know
[06:40:44] <Mid0rikawa|Psychosis> …right. you keep believing that.
[06:42:33] <Mid0rikawa|Psychosis> By the way, if you want to troll, at least learn basic spelling.
[06:42:52] <Mid0rikawa|Psychosis> http://www.thefreedictionary.com/satin
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Far too many stupid trolls nowdays. Nothing interesting anymore. Most of them don’t even argue their points very well..