The Weird Things I Found..

I came across something awesome while shopping for Kelly’s Christmas stuff a week or few ago, one I think I should share briefly. I found a puzzle which was a picture of a lighthouse:

I thought “Huh, looks cool..” and I moved on down the aisle. Then I thought “wait, haven’t I seen this before?”

Lo and behold, it is a photo of the lighthouse at Cape Reinga (Ree-ung-ah) at the northern tip of the North Island of New Zealand.

Needless to say I bought it, and she opened it at some point yesterday 😉

I also found a pack of 100 (I think?) cookie cutters, which were also opened around the same time, and a green cover for the iPod Touch her mom got for her, and so meanly told me (I had to keep it quiet!).

Anyway, that’s basically what I got my wife for Christmas 😉


Alot of people don’t seem to consider the following, particularly females when begging their boyfriends to propose.

Marriage doesn’t really change anything.

Marriage is a lot like turning 18 or 21, or any other age really. All that really changes are a) your religious standing as far as having sex, and b) your legal rights as a married person.

You’ll have a big lead up to the wedding, and the wedding and reception will be as big or as small as you want it to be, much like a 21st birthday party.

You’ll go to bed that night (possibly doing something you’ve never done before), and you’ll wake up the next day and feel as though nothing has changed.

I know of a few people getting married soon, and Kelly was asking for advice to give to the bride at the showers she’ll be at. This is the biggest piece of advice I could offer to anyone obsessed with getting married to their significant other (whether they’ll admit their obsession or not).

It. Doesn’t. Change. Your. Relationship.


If the relationship changes, either you or your partner changed. Which shouldn’t happen. It’s that simple.

I Hate Hiccups

The other day my wife wrote an article about wanting to lose weight. A couple of days ago we talked about my weight problem, which is the opposite – after a few weeks of not eating properly I’m going from being at the bottom of my healthy weight range to being unhealthily underweight. We considered an interesting challenge for each other – could she lose 15lb’s in a healthy manner, before I can gain 15lb’s in a healthy manner?

I know she wants to lose more than that, but I’d be happy to top out at about 200lb (I’m arount 180 atm). She also mentioned weighing herself regularly, and I probably should too. It’d be cool if we could both document our weight changes in photo/video/other forms.

Funnily enough I had a fruit salad for dinner on Sunday night, and on Monday I finished it for lunch. Also picked up some bananas and kiwifruit (from California – no NZ ones at food lion when we went) to snack on. Do not worry my friends, all hope is not lost – we got a 12 pack of coke too.