Facebook Scams

One of my facebook friends (someone I went to school with many years ago) apparently was hacked or scammed or something, and sent out messages to me and to all my friends. I will probably take a look at my security settings for that reason later, but I wanted to post a couple of images that came up as a result of it.

In short, I am ‘friends’ with two dogs. The first is Fetch, he is the dog of a couple of friends, Ben and Bethany, and his response was rather amusing. I may be biased (though I didn’t write it), but I found the second response funnier – that of Crash.


And …

2 thoughts on “Facebook Scams

  1. Dear Mr Banana Biter (if that *is* your real name),

    It would seem you’ve used a JPEG file format for those images when they are clearly more suited to a PNG format.
    I hope to see this clear lapse in judgement fixed in the near future.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Format Nazi.

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