Facebook Scams

One of my facebook friends (someone I went to school with many years ago) apparently was hacked or scammed or something, and sent out messages to me and to all my friends. I will probably take a look at my security settings for that reason later, but I wanted to post a couple of images that came up as a result of it.

In short, I am ‘friends’ with two dogs. The first is Fetch, he is the dog of a couple of friends, Ben and Bethany, and his response was rather amusing. I may be biased (though I didn’t write it), but I found the second response funnier – that of Crash.


And …


Today I became a ThinkGeek.com affiliate.

If you click on of the thinkgeek links on any of my sites I’ll get a 7% commission on anything you the purchase from them! Cool, huh?

Anyway, last night I went with Kelly and her mom to the ER (A&E for you Kiwis out there), where Kel’s sister Katie had been taken by her husband, Jesse. She was having all kinds of pains as well as dizziness and such. In the end it was basically decided to be an inner ear infection (she told us the technical term, but I forget). 4 hours later and we were home again!

Her friend, Laura, didn’t have a great night either – one of her room mates had attempted suicide by wrist-slitting, and there was blood all over the living room of her house.. We saw her arrive while she was talking on her phone to Katie and she told us what had happened! Not a cool day for her!

I also made the mistake of twittering where I was going, which synced my facebook status, and apparently a lot of people were more worried than they needed to be so, sorry guys!

No photos, I was nice and didn’t take the camera 😉