How People Find Me

I’m intrigued, when I look at my statistics, as to how people come to my blog, what they see, etc.

There are 3 groups. Naturally there is a miscellaneous group, they tend to just fall in here either by the next-blog function in the wordpress toolbar, or by an automated link being clicked. There are my friends on facebook and twitter who click my links, and I also get a small amount of traffic from a few friends blogs.

But the biggest group, and this actually surprises me, is the group searching for information on USCIS Form I-797C, Notice of Action. In fact, on a test-search for “i 797c notice of action” my post about receiving it is on the first page (about #6). I intended to write a summary of when things happened, and how my immigration to the United States worked out in reality, but obviously that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe next week.. (though I doubt it!)


I haven’t updated this week, mostly because I’ve been busy with a server move – My VPS provider decided to move from a server with ThePlanet to a server with Limestone Networks, and so I’ve been setting up email servers and the like on the new box.

So, what is new with Zeke and I-aL? is now down to Monday/Wednesday/Friday updates owing to lack of contributions. If you have serene pictures that you would like to share, share! Don’t be afraid of rejection, and don’t worry if you don’t have your own photo website to advertize.

I’m starting work on a photoblog, to share photos that may already be up at DS, but also those that aren’t necessarily appropriate for DS.

UCCN got a twitter account yesterday, and followed several of it’s regular chatters. It’s displaying what they’re doing at

I finished House Season 2 the other day, and about to start episode 6 of Season 3.

Kelly should be home about as it ends, and with Coke! Yay!!