Community-Based ISP’s – Could This Catch On?

I was stumbling around the internet the other day when I came across this article about Wilson, NC. It reports that the small city of Wilson was sick of the phone/tv/internet services being provided by the options they had, so they started their own. My question is, could this take off throughout the country? Comcast, Time Warner, all the other cable and DSL companies have been screwing the country over for a long time. Maybe if more community-based providers come up, it will force the big boys to lower their prices and improve their services. By the way, if anyone in Broadway/Timberville/Harrisonburg/Rockingham Co is interested in starting something like this I’d be keen to join in wherever possible. Whether it would be in a server/services administrative role or something helpdesk, I’m interested!

Here’s the link to the article:


I haven’t updated this week, mostly because I’ve been busy with a server move – My VPS provider decided to move from a server with ThePlanet to a server with Limestone Networks, and so I’ve been setting up email servers and the like on the new box.

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UCCN got a twitter account yesterday, and followed several of it’s regular chatters. It’s displaying what they’re doing at

I finished House Season 2 the other day, and about to start episode 6 of Season 3.

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