It Has Been a While!

Wow, I keep realizing how long it has been since I wrote an entry here. Most things remain the same. I still don’t have a full time job, although I interviewed with a county school system earlier this week and also applied to a year-round resort, both IT positions. I also have another 3 jobs to apply for this afternoon (hopefully) that are also IT and not terribly far away.

I’ve done some work on my monitoring systems for my servers. Over the last few months I’ve developed several methods for providing close to real-time outage-notifications and misc. monitoring for the three servers I administrate. The system I currently have primarily does two things: Service unavailable notifications via Twitter, Email and Txt message (via email), and corresponding “It’s available again” messages, and system monitoring using an Eggdrop IRC bot for each server with basic commands.

I’d like to expand this system at some point in the future, by migrating the system monitoring system from Eggdrop to a Perl bot. This would allow it to be more portable, and hopefully have a smaller footprint on the server it runs on. It would be nice to have IRC-based announcements for server-up/server-down as well as more minor alerts, like high CPU usage, high RAM usage, high hard disk partition usage, etc. We’ll see how that goes at some point in the future.

In more interesting news, I believe we have pretty much finished our Christmas shopping. All of our box to New Zealand items have been bought, and we are waiting for 3 of them to ship or arrive by mail. All but one (I believe) of the remaining items have been wrapped, and they’re all sitting in a corner of our room waiting for everything else to be ready to go. We’re just waiting for 2 items to arrive (apparently they were mailed recently), and another to be mailed. I checked yesterday and it was still pending.

I recently provided a redesign for a fan-site, I’ll try and post screenshots later. I’m also working on upgrading/updating the Infinitley-aLive website, and moving away from WordPress. I’m undecided yet as to whether I’ll use SilverStripe (as on or if I’ll build my own fully customized CMS for it. Having been looking at CodeIgniter, it may be a fun first-project for a CodeIgniter site.

Lastly, if you find yourself in need of some web-design or web-programming, or a shell account for almost anything, or just basic webhosting, leave me a comment or something. I am happy to work with your budget so long as it fits mine, I’m happy to work for the testimonial and for a reference for my resume if I feel a need to use it, and you’re happy to provide the details I need. I accept paypal, and cash or check if you wish to meet locally. Also, if I can’t do something I’ll let you know quickly, and if I can I’ll point in the direction of people who are able to fulfill your requirements.


A couple of weeks ago I started 3 new channels on 3 different IRC networks. They’re all effectively the same, and are run by 3 versions of the same bot split out into the 3 networks.

But this is all technical crap. Basically if you use ZoeLife4U, aBlazeNet or UnitedChristianChat (GodsIRC/Christian-IRC/AwesomeChristians/LoveOfTheology), you can join #News and watch the news feeds from CNN, Fox, CrossWalk and others fill the channel. You can feel free to discuss current events as they are happening.

Additionally, if you are interested in having a similar channel (news feeds can be adjusted as desired) on another network, let me know and I’ll see what we can arrange.

Infinitely-aLive Project has Returned

After a long downtime, the Infinitely-aLive project has returned in a once-again reincarnated form. This time we are back as a small web-host, providing basic shell accounts and http hosting.

Because we are small (we have capacity for 20 clients max at this point) we can provide a more dedicated service, tailoring solutions for your individual needs.

At this stage we have no vHosts available for use as BNC hosts, so any eggdrop or BNC’s hosted will all appear to come from an IP address – this is also why our prices are so low. If you just want an eggdrop or a bouncer without the frills, I-aL is the place for you.

In the near future we hope to have an online-ordering system, and we’re still working through the finer details of how this will work out in reality. We’re also finalizing our prices for each package, although it will likely be $1/process (BNC = 1 process, eggdrop = 1 process, services = 1 process) with allowances granted based on a pre-agreed monthly charge, and IRCd or VoIP services being considered as 2 or more processes.

Watch this space!

Lost It..

I recall that earlier today I had an awesome idea for what to post tonight, and now it’s gone. Like yesterday is gone. Like summer break is gone. The world keeps moving on. It’s going, going, gone.

I got up early this morning (I need to do that more often, it hurt…it shouldn’t… not like that…) and went to work with Kelly. I was incredibly tired by 10am, another sign that I need to get up earlier and stay up longer and such. I took a bunch of photos in the parking lot and such when it snowed both times, and had a Wendy’s Baconater for lunch. I love those things…

Read a lot of magazines, from Model Railroader, to Garden Railway, to Trains, through another few on the same ideas and then Mac|Life. Quite the transition.. I’m thinking when Kelly’s power cable comes and I get my laptop stuff back, I’m going to try and build the P4 Dell laptop with Linux and see how much like OS X I can make it look.

I’ve also installed another eggdrop on Rhapsody, installed Icecast2 (need to talk to Mack and make sure it works), need to work through configuring a virtualhosts template and hopefully create a basic web-panel to configure Apache’s virtualhosts. I also still need to design a site for I-aL to sell hosting packages.

BTW, I have 10 eggdrop shells available for US$1/mo (No vHosts, sharing a single IP), and a single IRCd account available, starting at US$4/mo, services and price to be discussed although that price will permit 1 bg process plus the IRCd (so services, or an eggdrop). If you’re in need of customised webhosting, leave me a comment and we can work out pricing for that too. I’ll consider hosting a shoutcast/icecast stream or similar or a teamspeak/ventrilo server on request.

New Years Day

I could give a boring diatribe about my goals, my resolutions, all the things I plan to accomplish this year. I don’t have any.

Instead I’m going to update a few things.

Firstly, I’ve run into problems with the VPS already – a 256MB RAM limit with no VPS-side swap. I’ve sent a message to their support, but I don’t know if it will get me anywhere. That leaves me changing the direction and purpose of that server, and I may resolve to selling cheap eggdrop shells. TBA..

I’m still feeling a little under-the-weather. Since Christmas Eve I’ve had congestion and a headache (that comes and goes as it feels). It seems it peaked on the 27th/28th, but is still making its slow spiral away from me. I think Kel will be glad when it is gone too, as I am apparently snoring rather loudly and keeping her awake at night.

That too is ironic in and of itself, since I’m hardly sleeping at night. Not being sleepy until 4am has a lot to do with that, so when I do sleep (at 4am) I get my 8 hours sleep and rise at around 12 or 1pm. Maybe tonight I’ll just stay awake and go to bed at 9 or 10 tomorrow.. Will check plans for tomorrow first.

My immigration status still hangs in the balance. Need to chase up who is doing or waiting for what, and if anything can be done about it. I know we’re waiting for a birth certificate for Kelly’s mom, but I’m not sure where that is at. We also need to chase up the lawyer that Kelly heard about that does free consultations. We can also pray that we can find a lawyer prepared to take our case pro bono.

UCCN seems to be growing, albeit slowly. There is another channel joined late in 2008 with a few users who mostly keep to themselves.

DailySerene recently moved from Ed’s old server to his new server, and seems to be going well. Still looking for photographers who would like some free exposure (ha) of their work, whether it be amateur, professional or some mix in between.

I-aL is still taking vague shape, now more in the form of “Infinitech” – this will likely be the name undertaken if I ever start hosting anything beyond my own sites.

My Ticket Management System came back onto the planning board, and I wanted to kick myself when I realised I didn’t need to code part of the interface as it’s already part of PHP.

I don’t have any goals for the year, however I do have some for the short term future:

  1. Get my sleeping track back on schedule. Down by 12:30am at the latest, up by 9.
  2. Start ‘Working’ during the day. Whether it be working on a PHP project, administrating a server, writing a song or weeding the garden, I want to be working for myself from at least 10 till 3 or 4. I will take a break at around 12 or 1 to talk to mum when she gets up, and for lunch, but beyond this it will be work.
  3. Finish setting up Rizzo in addition to formulating a website and real plan regarding its usage and purpose.
  4. Scratch that plan. Formulate a plan regarding the usage and purpose of all my systems and servers, and arrange the processes on each accordingly.
  5. Eat and drink better. I haven’t been eating lunch most days, and I’m also not drinking nearly enough water. Perhaps this will go in hand with my working during the day.

Those are all things I want to accomplish by the end of JANUARY.

I have very few projects lined up for the rest of the year as yet. The only one that comes to mind is my model railroad, the first project being to buy some timber/lumber and build the coffee table. Considering using purely hand-tools for this, and still mulling the table design over in my mind.

I’m still available for computer repairs, which reminds me. I started work on fixing Kelly’s mom’s old laptop, and found I needed an extra tool. So I bought a new desoldering tool on eBay for under $10. Will let you all know how it works out (as if you really care :-P)


Tonight I started the process of renting a VPS (Virtual Private Server – in short it’s a server on the internet). To be named Rizzo, it will fit in with my muppet-names nicely.

Plans? Nothing specific. Mostly vague surrounding eggdrop shells, and web/mail hosting. Will also be hosting two IRCd’s, one on each of the networks I help admin. I’ll also shut down the IRCd on Telly.

The VPS will be running Debian, and I’m looking at writing a control panel for webhosting at least.

In other news, I started working on my ticket system for fault management etc again, this evening was mostly consumed in that area with drawing diagrams on paper and playing with the XML-RPC functions in PHP. Still trying to decide how to do user authentication and security options and such, but that all runs through a security function (which returns ‘yes’ or ‘no’, depending on whether the user has access or doesn’t, respectively) so would be trivial to change to LDAP or a proprietery authentication system. If I write a control panel, it’ll likely use the same database, and I’d try to tie in with FTP and such for user-accounts on the VPS too.

So, if you’re interested in webhosting (with or without domain) or an eggdrop/BNC (no interesting vhosts, sorry) account, let me know. They won’t be free, sorry.