Infinitely-aLive Project has Returned

After a long downtime, the Infinitely-aLive project has returned in a once-again reincarnated form. This time we are back as a small web-host, providing basic shell accounts and http hosting.

Because we are small (we have capacity for 20 clients max at this point) we can provide a more dedicated service, tailoring solutions for your individual needs.

At this stage we have no vHosts available for use as BNC hosts, so any eggdrop or BNC’s hosted will all appear to come from an IP address – this is also why our prices are so low. If you just want an eggdrop or a bouncer without the frills, I-aL is the place for you.

In the near future we hope to have an online-ordering system, and we’re still working through the finer details of how this will work out in reality. We’re also finalizing our prices for each package, although it will likely be $1/process (BNC = 1 process, eggdrop = 1 process, services = 1 process) with allowances granted based on a pre-agreed monthly charge, and IRCd or VoIP services being considered as 2 or more processes.

Watch this space!

Lost It..

I recall that earlier today I had an awesome idea for what to post tonight, and now it’s gone. Like yesterday is gone. Like summer break is gone. The world keeps moving on. It’s going, going, gone.

I got up early this morning (I need to do that more often, it hurt…it shouldn’t… not like that…) and went to work with Kelly. I was incredibly tired by 10am, another sign that I need to get up earlier and stay up longer and such. I took a bunch of photos in the parking lot and such when it snowed both times, and had a Wendy’s Baconater for lunch. I love those things…

Read a lot of magazines, from Model Railroader, to Garden Railway, to Trains, through another few on the same ideas and then Mac|Life. Quite the transition.. I’m thinking when Kelly’s power cable comes and I get my laptop stuff back, I’m going to try and build the P4 Dell laptop with Linux and see how much like OS X I can make it look.

I’ve also installed another eggdrop on Rhapsody, installed Icecast2 (need to talk to Mack and make sure it works), need to work through configuring a virtualhosts template and hopefully create a basic web-panel to configure Apache’s virtualhosts. I also still need to design a site for I-aL to sell hosting packages.

BTW, I have 10 eggdrop shells available for US$1/mo (No vHosts, sharing a single IP), and a single IRCd account available, starting at US$4/mo, services and price to be discussed although that price will permit 1 bg process plus the IRCd (so services, or an eggdrop). If you’re in need of customised webhosting, leave me a comment and we can work out pricing for that too. I’ll consider hosting a shoutcast/icecast stream or similar or a teamspeak/ventrilo server on request.

Triumph and Tragedy

Triumph: Mostly installed qmail on Mack’s newly reinstalled server, rhapsody. A few things to finish off today.

Triumph: Installed and configured a second private hub for UCCN, hub02. Will install backup services at a later date.

Triumph: Kelly put in a job application yesterday, and another will go in tomorrow.

Triumph: The package of stuff from New Zealand arrived today, albeit slightly beaten up from its travels.

Triumph: Shaved.

Triumph: Received most of the outstanding eBay items purchased up until last week.

Triumph: Got the new router installed and running smoothly. Could use a RAM upgrade, but that will come in time.

Tragedy: A bump while drinking water last night resulted in a spill occuring directly above the macbook. It was quickly shut down, but after being left 24 hours or so, it won’t turn on. Leaving it beside the heater for another 48 or so to see if this changes anything, but my hopes are not high.