Yesterday I wrote in fear regarding my macbook, one of the most important physical possessions I have (the macbook, my camera, my passport, etc..) – holding alot of non-backed-up data (I need to buy another external hard disk at some point…) had water spilled on it and wouldn’t turn on. It’s sat in front of the floor-heater in the computer/art room for around 48-72 hours, the room heated to 60 F constantly, and I’ve been sitting in the desk chair across the room from it watching it nervously from the corner of my eye.

I was going to wait until the weekend to turn it on and see what the damage was, but I realised that having been sitting there this long that it was as dry as it was going to get. So I bit my lip a little and reached down and picked it up from under the table, picked up the battery from on top of the desktop, put the two together, turned the lock thing to secure the battery in place, and pressed the power button. And the screen flickered. Fans spun up. The screen turned white, the speakers made that “Ahhhhh!” noise, the apple logo appeared, it was starting up!

That was nearly 3 hours ago, and I’m blogging this from the macbook.

So thanks be to God who knew we couldn’t handle the mac being down, to Kelly who kept me calm and assured me there was still hope, and to Apple for making a product that can survive water spills.

Triumph and Tragedy

Triumph: Mostly installed qmail on Mack’s newly reinstalled server, rhapsody. A few things to finish off today.

Triumph: Installed and configured a second private hub for UCCN, hub02. Will install backup services at a later date.

Triumph: Kelly put in a job application yesterday, and another will go in tomorrow.

Triumph: The package of stuff from New Zealand arrived today, albeit slightly beaten up from its travels.

Triumph: Shaved.

Triumph: Received most of the outstanding eBay items purchased up until last week.

Triumph: Got the new router installed and running smoothly. Could use a RAM upgrade, but that will come in time.

Tragedy: A bump while drinking water last night resulted in a spill occuring directly above the macbook. It was quickly shut down, but after being left 24 hours or so, it won’t turn on. Leaving it beside the heater for another 48 or so to see if this changes anything, but my hopes are not high.

Quack, Quack

On another trip to the District of Columbia, some time was spent at the monuments. These two ducks are just 2 of the many that are in and around the pool of reflection. Unfortunately there are also more than one or two floaters in the pool also. One is lead to wonder what the cause of their succumbing was..